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Below you will find all of our past webinars, on-demand for your viewing. Hosted by our in-house specialists, our webinar series covers topics across various industries offering industry best practices, new tools, and technology education. We will update this on-demand webinar page often—be sure to bookmark it!

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06/23/21: Get Connected with IAB
Hosted by Network and Information Specialist, Eric Haff, “Connecting Devices via Ethernet/IP in Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB)” will discuss different architectures and design models for connecting controls systems on ethernet. In this on-demand session, you’ll learn how to utilize IAB to test network bandwidth. Who Should Attend: Project Engineers, IT Managers, and Maintenance Managers
Eric Haff and Austin Desmond Watch Now
06/04/21: Integrated Service Agreements Working for You
Hosted by automation experts, Ryan Beauchemin and Dan Sage, “Integrated Service Agreements Working for You” illustrates the value of service-based contracts. In this free webinar, you’ll walk through through preventative maintenance tools for all aspects of your facility, covering the different levels of Integrated Service Agreements. Who Should Watch: Controllers, Engineering, Maintenance Management, Maintenance Staff, and Operations
Ryan Beauchemin and Dan Sage Watch Now
05/20/21: Put IAB in Motion
Hosted by automation and motion control experts, Austin Desmond and Chris Williams, “Building your Drives Architecture with Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB)” will discuss adding motion devices to IAB, including sizing systems and adding accessories. In this free training session, you’ll learn how to add variable frequency drives (VFDs) to IAB.
Austin Desmond and Chris Williams Watch Now
05/06/21: Cooling Solutions for Industrial Control Cabinets
Hosted by nVent Hoffman's James Swanson, “Cooling Solutions for Industrial Control Cabinets” discusses the vital role that proper cooling of industrial control cabinets play in minimizing unscheduled downtime, and provides a useful tool to determine the cost of downtime in a continuously operating facility. We will discuss the effects of heat on electronics in a typical control cabinet application, and present the advantages and disadvantages of different types of cooling equipment for specific applications.
James Swanson and Matt Anderson Watch Now
04/29/21: Configure and Validate Software with IAB
Hosted by automation experts, Joe Amorese and Austin Desmond, “Using Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB) System Configuration and Validation Software” will teach you to create, validate, and document PLC, HMI, and distributed I/O configurations. In this free training session, you will learn to create hardware configuration examples, showcasing some of our most current hardware platforms. Who Should Watch: anyone who specifies, designs, and integrates Rockwell Automation® solutions
Joe Amorese and Austin Desmond Watch Now
04/22/21: Managing Your Workforce Development
Hosted by Automation Specialist, Michael Martinson, “Managing Your Workforce Development” will give you insight into your training options. In this free training session, you'll gain a better understanding of the history of workforce training as well as the ongoing improvements Rockwell Automation® is making to their web-based training portfolio, including Learning+.
Michael Martinson Watch Now
01/29/21: Deploying Virtualized Servers without IT
Hosted by Status® Engineers, Mike Oldano and Walter Hladun, “Break free from IT with Stratus ztC™” will address the efforts of procuring, configuring, and deploying computers for industrial automation projects. What if you can break free from IT and deploy a zero-touch, reliable, secure, highly automated computing platform? In this free training session, you will learn how ztC can improve your project delivery.
Mike Oldano, Walter Hladun, & Marcia Pohl Watch Now
12/17/20: How to Configure Stratix Switches
Hosted by Senior Automation Specialist, Joe Amorese, “How to configure Stratix Switches” walks you through the configuration of Stratix family switches for different applications using express setup and smart ports. You'll gain a better understanding of how to use the express setup and CIP and HMI faceplates to programmatically monitor and control switches. Who should watch: Controls Engineer, Electrical Engineers, and IT professionals.
Joe Amorese Watch Now
12/10/20: Why Smart Sensing is the Key to Smart Manufacturing
Hosted by a panel of our Automation Specialists, “Why Smart Sensing is the Key to Smart Manufacturing” will teach you the fundamentals of a variety of sensing technologies. Our subject matter experts will walk you through new smart sensor technology and teach you how to design a smart machine. This webinar is an opportunity to learn from and interact with our in-house sensing technology professionals. Who should watch: Controls Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Maintenance Personnel.
Mark Brant & Scott DeVost Watch Now
12/03/20: Advanced Motion Capabilities
Hosted by motion control experts, Chris Williams and Mark Loos, “Advanced Motion Capabilities” walks you through how to integrate third-party motors with servo drives from LinMot® and Rockwell Automation® as well as Delta Robot integration. You'll learn how to use both first- and third-party motors with advanced LinMot features like CIP Sync™ and closed-loop force control. Who should watch: Mechanical Engineers, Project Managers, and Controls Engineers.
Chris Williams & Mark Loos  Watch Now
10/29/20: How to Size a Servo System
Hosted by motion control expert, Chris Williams, “How to size a servo system” walks you through how to size a motion control system. From gathering the data to generating a bill of materials this webinar will cover it all. You'll walk through an example application that will show what information is needed and how to use tools such as Tolomatic’s Actuator Sizing and Rockwell Automation’s Motion Analyzer. Who should watch: Mechanical Engineers, Mechanical Designers, and Controls Engineers.
Chris Williams Watch Now
10/08/20: Let's Get Motoring - Everything You Wanted to Know About AC Motors
Hosted by drives and power experts, Scott Savage and Kevin Beach, “Let's Get Motoring" will teach you everything you want to know about AC motors. This webinar covers it all. Starting with how an AC motor works, this webinar will walk you through why you need MG-1 motors with variable frequency drives (VFDs). Who should watch: Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Technicians, Planners, Designers, Electricians, Mechanics, and Facility Engineers.
Kevin Beach & Scott Savage Watch Now
08/20/20: Ethernet Switch Technologies for the Plant Floor
Hosted by Senior Automation Specialist, Joe Amorese. Joe will walk you through switch selection, managed vs unmanaged switches, and embedded switch technology. You'll gain a better understanding of ethernet switch technology and best practices for using them at your facility. This webinar is an opportunity to learn from and interact with our in-house experts. Who should watch this on-demand webinar: Engineers, Technicians, Electricians, Application Engineers, and Controls Engineers.
Joe Amorese Watch Now
7/30/20: A Simplified Safe Distance Calculation Tool to Improve Workplace Safety
This webinar will teach you how to calculate safe mounting distances and give you a better understanding of the reaction times of safety control systems based on the components. You’ll also learn to protect workers and improve workplace safety with the safe distance calculation tool. Who should watch: Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, EHS Personnel, Engineering Managers, and Maintenance Managers.
Austin Desmond Watch Now
7/23/20: Learn About the Benefits of EV Chargers
Hosted by Energy industry professional Nicole Voudren, “I want to install an EV charger – Where do I begin?” walks you through the key considerations for businesses, commercial property owners, multifamily properties, and municipalities. You'll gain an understanding of the types of EV chargers (level 1, level 2, and level 3). You’ll also learn about the benefits of installing EV chargers and available incentive and rebate programs to help offset costs.
Nicole Voudren Watch Now
07/16/20: Facility and Products Identification - Increasing Plant Safety through Brady Visuals and Services
Hosted by Mike Ellis, Regional Safety Specialist, and Daniel Johnston Regional Sales Specialist of Brady Corporation, and Horizon Solutions OSHA Outreach Trainer, Jim Lanz, this webinar will teach you about the areas of focus that are often overlooked in a facility. You'll learn about current COVID-19 solutions, on-demand printing options, the need for a more comprehensive Lockout Tagout program, Arc Flash considerations, and OSHA mandated spill control program requirements.
Mike Ellis, Daniel Johnston, & Jim Lanz Watch Now
06/17/20: Returning to a safe workplace, post-pandemic
In this webinar, you will learn how to create a safe workplace for your employees. You'll gain a thorough understanding of the CDC and OSHA’s guidelines, regulations, and best practices for employers and employees.
Jim Lanz & Lenny Dercolo Watch Now
06/11/20: Selecting a Drive with ProposalWorks
You'll gain a thorough understanding of ProposalWorks for drive selection. You’ll also learn how to configure a drive as an example using ProposalWorks Configurator.
Scott Savage & Kevin Beach Watch Now
06/04/20: Smart, Simple, Safe - GuardLink Technology
In this session, you will learn how GuardLink provides a simple system that enables up to 32 smart safety devices to share diagnostic data with no loss of Safety rating.
Jim Bischoff Watch Now
05/28/20: Proper Cabling from VFD to Motor
You'll gain an understanding of how to cable a variable frequency drive to a motor. You’ll also learn proper methods to mitigate common mode noise and reflected wave issues. 
Scott Savage & Kevin Beach Watch Now
05/21/20: Safety controls, what do I need to consider?
In this session you will learn - Best Practices around risk reduction and understanding machine safety standards. How to calculate risk. What real-world safety applications look like. How to determine which safety devices should be utilized.
Tom Hopkins Watch Now
05/07/20: Safe Stopping Explained
In this session you will learn - What is Safe Torque Off? What are Safe Stopping Categories? When should each option be used? How to implement drive safety.
Chris Williams Watch Now
04/30/20: Proper Drive Installation and Dealing with those Pesky Power Jumpers
A review of proper grounding and bonding practices and how to configure the power jumpers so you don’t have catastrophic failures at start-up.
Scott Savage & Kevin Beach Watch Now

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