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Horizon Solutions acquired NH Bragg over two years ago. Together, we bring customers an enhanced and robust toolkit of electrical, automation, industrial, and safety products and services. The next chapter in our story has begun as we have now migrated all online shoppers over to the ecommerce platform.

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Prevent Workplace Incidents

OSHA’s top ten list of most frequently cited standards shows not only violations but the potential for accidents and injuries, making it a good starting place to prevent workplace incidents.

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Make Fall Safety Top Priority

Nearly a third of all workplace injuries and fatalities are the result of slips, trips, and falls. Our Fall Safety Guide is designed to help you protect workers while improving safety practices and avoiding OSHA hefty fines.

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Horizon Solutions is an Authorized Allen-Bradley Distributor and Rockwell Automation Authorized Service Provider

Rockwell Automation® is the leader in automation components and enterprise-wide integrated control systems. And Horizon Solutions® is the exclusive Rockwell Automation Authorized Allen-Bradley® distributor in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine and in select areas in New York and Massachusetts. Our relationship with Rockwell Automation began in 1923 when we became the very first authorized Allen-Bradley Distributor. Our long-standing relationship allows us to provide automation, electrical supply chain management, and local world-class Rockwell Automation support. 

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