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CCP299 ControlLogix / Studio 5000 Training

Grasp ControlLogix® fundamentals and go beyond to gain troubleshooting skills in just four and a half days. This level-one Studio 5000 Logix Designer® course will give you the hands-on practice and practical knowledge you need to troubleshoot a previously operational system and restore normal operation.

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5 Ways LEDs Save Money

Energy improvements can create a domino effect that benefits the entire organization and impacts the bottom line. Just one of them is how LEDs save money.

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Warehouse Safety 101 eBook

Consider this book your warehouse safety guide for keeping workers safe in warehouse workspaces. From ergonomics to machine safety to disaster preparedness, there are a lot of precautions to take.

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Horizon Solutions is an Authorized Allen-Bradley Distributor and Rockwell Automation Authorized Service Provider

Rockwell Automation® is the leader in automation components and enterprise-wide integrated control systems. And Horizon Solutions® is the exclusive Rockwell Automation Authorized Allen-Bradley® distributor in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine and in select areas in New York and Massachusetts. Our relationship with Rockwell Automation began in 1923 when we became the very first authorized Allen-Bradley Distributor. Our long-standing relationship allows us to provide automation, electrical supply chain management, and local world-class Rockwell Automation support. 

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Contact Horizon Solutions to request Rockwell Automation OnSite Services.


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