Building a Safety First Culture

| Jim Lanz

Increase Productivity

Safety first, last, and always. Not only will it protect your workers, but it will also increase productivity. We're dedicated to assessing situations and programs and finding solutions to protect workers. We’ve seen many examples of safety being communicated and exhibited in the workplace. We also see quite a few well-meaning operations that don’t do a good job keeping their workers protected and safe. If safety is not communicated, if it is not part of the everyday routine, and if it is an after-thought—you do not have a safety-first culture.

Impact All Levels

Safety touches all levels within a company, from the newest employee to the CEO. So, integrating it into workforce culture from the top down is imperative. The benefits aren't limited to compliance, there are also tangible operational benefits. Safety not only ensures that all of your workers return home healthy every day, but it also increases brand reputation, improves efficiency, and ultimately saves you money. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has reported that creating a safety culture has the single greatest impact on accident reduction of any process. OSHA believes that developing these cultures should be a top priority for all owners, managers, and supervisors.

Workers need to feel empowered to take action and believe in and take responsibility for measures that keep their coworkers healthy and whole. Management must demonstrate that they fully support the values are notably committed to changing the environment for the better. In short, everyone in the organization must own it! That's how safety becomes more than just a program.

Tips for Creating the Culture

  • Lead by example
  • Invest
  • Provide Ongoing training
  • Establish and support policies
  • Document procedures
  • Accountability
  • Correct issues
  • Institute recognition and motivational programs

Companies that implement a comprehensive safety first program report that employee morale improves, it leads to increased productivity, competitiveness, and profits. Gaining the full benefit of a safety program demands more than simply making it a priority. It needs to become one of your company’s core values. Is your organization as protected as it could be?

And don't forget, we're a resource. Contact a Safety Specialist with any of your safety questions or if you need help to assess your current safety program.