Reader’s Choice: 7 Best Blogs of 2021

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Best Blogs 2021

In 2021, we saw a 15% increase in webpage views on our blog. That’s not surprising when you consider some of this year’s posts have pulled in as much traffic as more established posts. In case you missed it, let’s dig into the best blogs of 2021, as chosen by the viewing habits of our readers. 

#1. Drive Modernization Part V – PowerFlex 700 To PowerFlex 750

#1 Best Blog of 2021

Scott Savage, January 2021

The fifth installment of Scott’s drive modernization series pulled more traffic than any other new blog post in 2021. This addition covers Allen-Bradley® architect drives modernization, converting PowerFlex® 700 series drives to PowerFlex 750 series drives.

#2. Choosing a Servo Motor Brake

#2 Best Blog of 2021

Chris Williams, April 2021

Motion control continues to be a popular topic, with multiple entries on the topic featuring in the best blogs of 2021. This addition from Chris covers servo motor brakes. There are a number of types and choosing the right one depends on your needs. This post looks at holding brakes, dynamic brakes, and safety brakes.

#3. Drive Modernization Part VI – PowerFlex 40 to PowerFlex 525

#3 Best Blog of 2021

Scott Savage, July 2021

The entire AC drive series is immensely popular, appearing multiple times on the list of best blogs of 2021. This post helps you go from the PowerFlex 40 drive series to the PowerFlex 525 drive series with step-by-step conversion instructions. This is the sixth installment of the Allen-Bradley drive modernization series. 

#4. Torque Regulation with PowerFlex 750 Series Drives

#4 Best Blog of 2021

Scott Savage, March 2021

This year, Scott emerged as our top blogger of 2021. This post will help you learn torque regulation with PowerFlex 750 drive series, taking you through a deep dive, complete with diagrams, system screenshots, and instructions.

#5. Drive Modernization Part VII – PowerFlex 4 to PowerFlex 523

#5 Best Blog of 2021

Scott Savage, August 2021

This most recent installment in the drive modernization series was posted only four months ago, gaining popularity quickly to rank on this list of best blogs of 2021. This post will help you go from the PowerFlex 4 drive series to the PowerFlex 523 drive series with step-by-step instructions. 

#6. Decoding FactoryTalk Activation

#6 Best Blogs of 2021

Joe Amorese, July 2021

Joe is the master of breaking down topics, and this popular post will show you why. Over time, Rockwell Automation deployed different software activation techniques. The original FactoryTalk® Activation used Flexera technology and most recently moved to CodeMeter.

#7. Optimize Your Maintenance with Fiix CMMS

#7 Best Blog of 2021

Anita O’Brien, May 2021

In the last title on the list for the best blogs of 2021, Anita O’Brien walks you through a new offering from Rockwell Automation. Ready to streamline your maintenance process while reducing downtime and lowering costs? Learn how to make scheduling, organizing, and tracking maintenance easier than ever with Fiix CMMS.

7 Most Viewed Blogs of 2021

We have been blogging since 2016, coming up quick on 300 information-packed posts written by our in-house experts. Here’s a breakdown of the best blogs of 2021 based on overall traffic to all blog pages this year.

#1. Basic Rules for Dynamic Braking Resistors

Scott Savage, March 2020

Dynamic braking with VFDs allows for long life without mechanical wear on your braking system. Braking resistors are cost-effective and don't require any downtime maintenance.

#2. VLANs: Why Do I Need Them?

Ryan Shenk, February 2019

A VLAN allows a group of Ethernet devices (subnet) to be physically separated by many Ethernet switches but communicate as if they were all connected to the same physical Ethernet switch.

#3. 6 Ways to Improve Workplace Safety

Horizon Solutions, August 2019

It’s OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week and a great time to evaluate your safety program. This post will help you improve workplace safety at your site or facility and keep employees safe and sound.

#4. Drive Modernization Part IV PowerFlex 70 to PowerFlex 525

Scott Savage, July 2020

Is it time to upgrade your PowerFlex 70 to PowerFlex 525? This post will give you the instructions and information you need to modernize your drives.

#5. Inertia Ratio: Avoiding an Inertia Mismatch

Chris Williams, March 2019

In a motion control or servo system, both the motor and load have inertia. The ratio between their inertias impacts system performance. This ratio is often overlooked.

#6. Drive Modernization Part III 1305 to PowerFlex 525

Scott Savage, July 2019

Part three of a series on drive migration, helping you avoid legacy drive failure which can put your facility at risk. Let’s explore the path to converting a 1305 to PowerFlex 525 drive.

#7. VFD Series: How to Connect the Shield in VFD Cable

Kevin Beach, August 2019

We're often asked, “Do I need to bond both ends of my motor cable, or do I leave one loose?” This is part seven of our on-going series and it will show you how to connect the shield in VFD cable.

2022 and Beyond

Let the best blogs of 2021 be the beginning. There are hundreds of blogs to choose from already, and we’ll be posting something new several times each month. Don’t miss a single entry, sign up for our monthly digest using the Subscribe Now box at the top of the page. And you can always submit your topic requests. Contact us today!