Where Should You Put EV Chargers?

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Electric vehicle connected to an EV charger

Where Should I Put EV Chargers?

As more people begin driving electric vehicles (EVs), you’ll want to take into account where to put EV chargers. This can differ from one location to the next. It may seem natural to reward customers and employees for going green with electric vehicles. However, we have found that there is no need to try and locate chargers near building entrances.

Here are some things to consider:

  • It may make more sense to install the chargers out of the way
  • EV Chargers have large wires that can impact pathways and sidewalks and can affect the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) approved areas
  • Keep winter weather and snow plowing in mind
  • For locations where ice and snow are common, Level 2 EV chargers with cable management will keep wires away from the elements
  • Reduce installation costs by placing stations near a power supply

Once you have a handle on how to manage pathways, sidewalks, and winter weather, you can start thinking about where to place your EV chargers.

Here are some design options:

  • Next to the Building – This is the most common and least expensive option. EV Chargers can be wall or pedestal mounted, there are no sidewalks to contend with, and trenching can be minimal or even unnecessary.
  • Middle of a Parking Lot – The advantage of this option is that it can service four vehicles from one charger. This is a more expensive option because cement or blacktop cutting, trenching, and repair are required. It will also reduce space by two feet on each side. And your city and town codes may prevent this type of installation. We can help you determine if this type of installation is an option for your facility.
  • Sidewalk Bump Out – This is the most expensive option. To maintain ADA compliance, a bump out is necessary to ensure wheelchair traffic is not affected. This type of installation usually requires cement and blacktop cutting and cement forming, pouring, and finishing. And there are safety concerns during construction that can necessitate a police detail.

Graphic showing cars in parking lots in the various ways to install EV chargers

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