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Essential Support for Essential Work

In these unprecedented times, you’re being asked to do more with less—at a social distance. It’s more critical than ever that you have the support you need to keep your business up and running. Rockwell Automation® offers a suite of essential support services to help you stay productive while keeping your workforce safe. Get the reliable support you need while maintaining a safe distance.

Services include:

  • Remote Support: Get in touch with expert engineers that can help you resolve your issues
  • No-Touch Remanufacture and RepairGet the safe, reliable services you need for like-new or better authentic parts
  • Parts Management AgreementGet the critical spare parts you need with real-time warranties and flexible inventory
  • e-LearningGet the skills you need anytime, anywhere with on-demand courses

Remote Support with Live View

Your first line of defense, a remote support contract is a must-have. These contracts allow you to reach out to Rockwell Automation in the event of unplanned downtime or critical equipment failures. You’ll be in touch with expert engineers that can help you resolve your issues.

Now you can access Live View for hands-on support while maintaining a social distance. Live View leverages PTC Chalk technology, allowing real-time, remote assistance using augmented reality over a mobile-to-mobile communication app. You’ll be able to work with a Tech-Support Engineer in an interactive setting as they help you resolve your issues quickly. If you have TechConnect product support, you already have access to Live View during your TechConnect call. 

If you are interested in utilizing Vuforia Chalk in your facility, Rockwell Automation is offering free access through August. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this offer, click here to connect with us and learn more.

Remote Support Considerations

If you should need to dispatch an engineer, please call into TechConnect and try to work through the issue and capture the case number first. We will work with Rockwell Automation and ensure everyone’s safety as we identify a local resource. If you already have TechConnect, make sure your contract is product-level or above (not self-assist).

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Remote Support

Remote Services Blog

Now more than ever—you need remote support. 

We offer a host of services to help you stay productive while keeping your workforce safe. Get the reliable, Rockwell Automation remote support services you need.

No-Touch Remanufacturing and Repair

Don’t let part failures upset production or expose your facility to risk. Get the safe, reliable, and like-new or better authentic parts you need right from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Rockwell Automation.

Contact your Horizon Solutions representative or create a “My Rockwell” account, and we’ll send you the necessary paperwork to ship your part directly to the OEM. This no-touch service goes way beyond a simple fix. Rockwell Automation uses a thorough seven-step process to ensure your parts come back to you in optimal condition.

There are three levels of service, and they all carry warranties from one to multiple years.

Rockwell Automation Remote Support Service Options

Learn more about how authorized repair and manufacturing, contact us today!

Remanufacturing & Repair

No-Touch Remanufacturing and Repair Blog

Keep your plant up and running.

Our No-Touch Remanufacturing and Repair Services are designed to help you stay up and running and without compromising the safety of your workforce.


Parts Management Agreements

If a machine goes down, do you have the critical spare parts you need on hand? And if so, what condition are they in?

Don’t risk downtime. With a Parts Management Agreement (PMA), the spare parts you need are located at your facility. You’ll have 24x7x365 access to production-saving parts, while we own and manage the inventory for a fixed fee. A PMA lets you skip in-person supplier interactions, allowing you to maintain your social distancing guidelines. And you’ll reap the benefits of real-time warranties (the clock starts when a part is removed from stock) and flexible inventory (old stock can be returned and exchanged for next-generation products).

As the need to replace consumed spare parts arises, simply notify our Rockwell Automation Services group via email with the item number. We offer a variety of service levels for stock replenishment.

Rockwell Automation Product Management Agreement

Learn more about how you can avoid downtime with a parts management agreement. Contact us today!

Critical Spare Parts

Parts Management Agreement

Access the parts you need at a distance.

Social distancing is the new reality for doing business. Let’s look at how you can access the critical spare parts you need quickly, easily, and at a distance.

e-Learning from Rockwell Automation

With your workforce stretched thin, are you feeling the skills gap? Don’t let social distancing stop your employees from getting the training they need.

Rockwell Automation’s e-learning portfolio allows users to log-on and learn anytime, anywhere. This exciting self-paced learning is constantly evolving, giving you access to the latest curriculum and courses. And the online format provides both immunity from hardware changes and the convenience of learning on any tablet or PC. Visit our classroom training page to see what classes are currently scheduled at Horizon Solutions locations.

Take a look at the current and future course. You can see the new training catalog here.

Rockwell Automation Learning+

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There are a variety of flexible options when it comes to ordering this e-learning series. For customers that currently do not have a TechConnect Support contract, your only available option is Fast Pass. For those customers who currently are utilizing a TechConnect support contract, there are now four options:

Rockwell Automation e-Learning Options

Are you ready to arm your workforce with the training they need?Contact us today!

Still Need Hands-On Training?

Rockwell Automation understands your needs. You can now buy select workstations with lab books to allow your employees to do hands-on training at your facility. Learn how you can practice and reinforce job skills with workstations and lab books here.


Rockwell Automation e-Learning blog

The reap the benefits of on-demand learning.

As social distancing becomes more prevalent, let’s start by revisiting Rockwell Automation e-learning remote training products, including the latest additions.

Rockwell Automation Authorized Distributor

Authorized Allen-Bradley® Distributor

Horizon Solutions® is the exclusive Rockwell Automation Authorized Allen-Bradley distributor in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine and in select areas in New York and Massachusetts. Our relationship with Rockwell Automation began in 1923 when we became the very first authorized Allen-Bradley Distributor. Our long-standing relationship allows us to provide automation, electrical supply chain management, and local world-class Rockwell Automation support.