SSCR Applications and Codes for OEMs

Short Circuit Current Rating Applications and Codes for OEMs

Short Circuit Current Rating Applications and Codes for OEMsIt’s more important than ever to understand SCCR. The publication of the 2017 NEC includes several SCCR requirement revisions. 

Join us for three and half hours of training on the importance of overcurrent protection, short-circuit current ratings (SCCRs), and compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC). And enjoy lunch as you learn.

This Bussmann® session will address overcurrent protective devices, industrial control panels, and UL 508A Supplement SB, providing an overview of SCCR determination and achieving a higher SCCR. This training will review SCCR strategies and industrial components that can result in higher assembly SCCR and save panel space.

What You’ll Learn

An Eaton® engineer will lead this three-hour class. Upon completion, all attendees are eligible for three Professional Development Hours (PDHs).


  • SCCR - What is it and why is it important?
  • Equipment short-circuit current ratings and installations
    • Interrupting rating – NEC 110.9
    • Short-circuit current ratings – NEC 110.10
    • 2017 NEC requirements for equipment SCCR and available fault current
  • Industrial control panels & UL 508A Supplement SB
    • UL 508A definitions
    • Types of Component Ratings
    • UL 508A Supplement SB – Determining assembly SCCR
  • SCCR Solutions & Strategies
    • Industrial control devices & SCCR
    • Use of current-limiting components
    • How to achieve high SCCR
  • Resources
    • Eaton’s Bussmann series FC2 Available Fault Current Calculator
    • Eaton’s Bussmann series SCCR Protection Suite

Should You Attend?

This training was designed for design engineers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), panel builders, and anyone interested in learning more about SCCR.

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