Arc Flash Safety Virtual Seminar

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What is Arc Flash?

June is National Safety Month—it’s a great time to make arc-flash safety a priority in your facility with our Arc Flash Safety Virtual Seminar.

Please join us for a four-hour web session on identifying and working with arc-flash hazards. The Eaton Power System Engineering team will be presenting tools and concepts to keep you safe while installing and maintaining electrical equipment.

Our Arc Flash Safety Virtual Seminar provides four hours of online training, covering:

  • Identifying arc-flash hazards
  • Working in arc-flash boundaries
  • Selecting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Introducing mitigation solutions

Arc Flash Safety Virtual Seminar Agenda

Arc Flash and Shock Hazards

  • What is Arc Flash
  • Working in a Situation Where an Arc-Flash Hazard Exists
  • How Do Power Systems Engineers Determine Incident Energy and Arc-Flash Boundary?
  • Reducing Arc Flash Hazards
  • Eaton Arc Flash Mitigation Solutions
  • Practical Methods of Reducing Arc Flash Hazards

Selecting and Using PPE and Insulated Tools

  • Qualified/Competent Person’s Responsibilities when using PPE
  • PPE for Electrical Work
  • Arc Rated Clothing
  • Selecting Arc-Rated Garments and Other PPE for Arc-Flash Protection
  • Picture Examples of Arc-Rated Clothing and Other PPE
  • Selecting and Using Insulated Tools