$8.28 / Foot
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  • Brand Name: Panduit
  • Color: White
  • Length: 6 FT
  • Material: Halogen-Free PPO
  • Offerings: Products
  • Width: 3.25 IN
Duct Cover, Halogen Free, 3 Inches W x 6 Feet, White, The halogen free material allows the duct to be used in higher temperature environments, to 203 degress Fahrenheit (95 degrees Celsius), and low temperature environments, to -40 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 degrees Celsius). The non-slip cover keeps all wiring in place and is easy to install. UL94 Flammability Rating of V-1, Halogen free material is ideal for applications where public safety during a fire is a concern, Non-slip cover stays in place during shipment, vibration and when in a vertical orientation, eliminating rework.
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Panduit Corp.


  • Halogen-free cover with non-slip liner to prevent cover slide
  • Designed for easy install and removal
  • Non-slip liner to prevent cover slide
Type NC Halogen-Free Wiring Duct Cover