PANN8222BC MFG #: N8222BC
$7,333.61 / Piece
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  • Brand Name: Panduit
  • Depth: 48 IN
  • Rack Spaces: 42
  • Material: Steel
  • Offerings: Products
  • Width: 31.5 IN
Net-Access™ N-Type Cabinets are the first choice for data center managers and systems integrators. The Net-Access™ inset frame design efficiently manages large quantities of cables and provides space for unmatched access reducing operational costs. This industry leading design also maximizes airflow and provides easy access to equipment for ongoing operational efficiencies, providing exceptional value in a 800 mm (31.5 in) wide enclosure.
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Panduit Corp.


  • Wide range of cabinet designs available for specific thermal applications, resulting in improved thermal efficiencies and reductions in energy expenditures
  • Integral cabinet sealing features reduce bypass air and mixing of cold air and exhaust air within the cabinet for improved
  • Panduit® cabinets, thermal ducting, cool boot product, blanking panels, blanking foam strips and blanking shade provide a complete thermal and sealing solution
  • Creates a 203 mm unobstructed channel between cabinets promoting best in class cable management, provides flexibility for switch specific thermal solutions
  • Innovative dual hinge door with slam latch handles provides superior access to cabinets and cabling, easing cabinet to cabinet cabling and promoting faster moves, adds and changes
  • Type-N cabinets can be ganged together for complete streamlined appearance improving data center
  • Cable management included helps speed deployment, easily adjustable rear rails can be quickly repositioned, heavy duty leveling legs can be accessed from top or bottom for faster deployment
  • Fulfills Cisco switch side clearance requirements for increased network reliability and proper thermal management
  • Cabinets and accessories are single point bonded, providing a safe and reliable network while reducing installation costs
  • Provides bend radius control for each rack unit and can be positioned where required on cabinet posts for cable protection for increased network availability, provides design flexibility, scalability and improved aesthetics for easier moves, adds and chan
  • Multiple cabinet configurations for hot aisle/cold aisle, cold aisle containment or vertical exhaust ducting deployments
  • Provides optimal and discreet channels for managing and protecting cables contributing to increased network availability
  • Cabinets are powder coated in a durable, low maintenance polyester epoxy paint


  • Require Maximum Thermal Management Capability
  • Capacity to Manage High Cable Densities in an 800 MM Wide Enclosure
EIA-310E, RoHS Compliant, UL Listed 2416
N-Type Cabinet