$109.02 / Kit
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  • Brand Name: Panduit
  • Color: Black
  • Operating Temperature: -67 to 275 deg F
  • Offerings: Products
DRY-SHRINK Thin Wall Heat Shrink Kit, 0.09 Inch - 0.50 Inch (2.4 mm - 12.7 mm), 6 Inch (152.4 mm) Lengths, Black cross-linked Polyolefin Heat Shrink. Heat shrink kit box - plastic case, various sizes, Provides organized storage for a wide variety of parts in one convenient location. Informative label eliminates guess work. Specifies correct heat shrink usage based on wire range and connector size. Once top is closed loose pieces remain in their 6 compartments. Shrink Ratio is 2 to 1.
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Panduit Corp.
Heat Shrink