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  • Brand Name: Panduit
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Protects and prevent wires and cables from chafing against sharp edges of panel walls and knockouts. In addition to standard grommet edging, Panduit® offers grommet edging with a pressure sensitive adhesive that lines the base of the product, providing an easy, clean, and secure application. Grommet edging is available in Nylon 6 or natural or weather resistant polyethylene for use on straight or irregular shaped surfaces. Grommet edging is a part of the innovative solutions Panduit® provides to protect wire and cable to help you manage your physical infrastructure.
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100 FT
Panduit Corp.
Weather Resistant Polyethylene


  • Provides protection for cables being installed where there might be sharp edges with irregular shaped and round panel holes
0.169 IN
RoHS compliant
Slotted Grommet Edging
0.17 IN