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  • Brand Name: Panduit
  • Jacket Material: PVC
  • Offerings: Products
Opti-Core® Fiber Optic Distribution Cable is an integral part of the Panduit end-to-end fiber optic solution, designed to support today's data needs while meeting tomorrow's ever advancing network requirements. Opti-Core® Fiber Optic Distribution Cable is used within buildings to provide high-density connectivity and ease of installation. Applications include intra building backbones, routing between telecommunications rooms and connectorized cables in riser and plenum environments.
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Panduit Corp.


  • Sheath markings provide positive identification, quality traceability and length verification
  • Cable design and flexible buffer tubes allow for quick breakout and ease of routing
  • 900 um standards-based color-coded buffer coating protects fibers during handling and allows for easy identification and stripping
  • Opti-Core® 10Gig™ fiber optic cable is designed to support network transmission speeds up to 10 Gb/s for link lengths up to 300 meters for OM3 and up to 550 meters for OM4 with an 850nm source per IEEE 802.3ae 10 GbE standard
  • Backward compatible for use with all 50/125um system requirements
  • Multimode riser rated distribution cable
  • 100 lb tensile strength
  • OM4 10 GbE 50/125m fiber size
  • 3.8 in bend radius
  • 0.24 in OD cable


  • Indoor Use in Intra-Building
  • Horizontal installations
-4 - 158
Multi-Mode (OM4)