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The OptiCam® LC Fiber Optic Connector is a singlemode 9/125um OS1/OS2 simplex fiber connector, intended for 900-micron tight-buffered fiber installation. Field termination can be done in about two minutes using the OptiCam 2 Termination Tool. The pre-polished fiber endface eliminates time-consuming field polishing, reducing installation costs. The LC connector has a natural-colored body with a blue-colored backbone and 900um boot.
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LC Simplex Connectors
RoHS directive is not applicable
Factory pre-polished fiber endface eliminates time-consuming field polishing


  • Rear pivot latch design, robust construction
  • Low profile latch resists cable snagging
  • Wide positive grip thumb latch
  • Audible click upon successful mating
  • Field installable duplex clip with integrated polarity markers
  • One connector body design for both simplex and duplex applications
  • Protective cap locks onto connector latch with audible click
  • Anaerobic adhesive field installation
  • Rugged body construction
  • Independent free floating ferrules


  • High-Speed Data Transmission in Fiber Optic Backbone and Horizontal
Panduit Corp.