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The OptiCam® LC Fiber Optic Connector is a multimode 50/125dB OM3/OM4/OM5 simplex fiber connector, intended for 900-micron tight-buffered fiber installation. Field termination can be done in about two minutes using the OptiCam 2 Termination Tool. The pre-polished fiber endface eliminates time-consuming field polishing, reducing installation costs. The LC connector has a natural-colored body with an aqua-colored backbone and 900dB boot.
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Panduit Corp.


  • Factory pre-polished fiber stub end face eliminates inconsistent and time consuming field polishing to deliver required optical performance
  • Reduces termination time (less than half the time of field polish connectors) and the number of installation tools required
  • Dual cam design secures both the fiber and the buffer during the camming step to facilitate consistent termination results
  • Allows up to two determinations to achieve optimum termination results
  • Reduces the number of rejected connectors and terminations to provide yield rate approaching 100% for lower installed costs
  • Translucent housing assembly facilitates inspection of the fiber termination quality
  • Non-optical disconnect maintains data transmission under tensile loads for jacketed cable
  • Mechanical cable retention consistently provides Higher than industry standard cable retention
  • Zirconia ceramic provides the highest durability for repeated matings
  • 0.3 dB average insertion loss
  • >26 dB return loss
  • For 900 micro m tight buffered fiber installation
  • 1.25 MM zirconia ceramic ferrule
  • Pre-polished
  • 10 GbE 50/125/900 um fiber


  • Fiber Optic Backbone and Horizontal High-Speed Data Transmission
Factory pre-polished fiber endface eliminates time-consuming field polishing
RoHS directive is not applicable
LC Simplex Connectors