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  • Brand Name: Panduit
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SC 10Gig™ Simplex Multimode Fiber Optic Adapter (AQ) module with zirconia ceramic split sleeve. SC adapters provide a robust solution for LANs, public networks, storage area networks and fiber-to-the-desk applications. SC adapters can also be mounted in high-density applications within Opticom® QuickNet™ Pre-Terminated MTP* Cassettes and Fiber Enclosures, and Opticom® Fiber Adapter Panels (FAPs) and Enclosures.
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Mini-Com Modules, Patch Panels, Faceplates, Surface Mount Boxes
Panduit Corp.


  • Integrated panel retention clips no metal clips to become bent, damaged or lost, simplex adapter clips automatically adjust for FOCIS-10 compliant panel thickness variations for improved mounting
  • Short flange design for improved modularity and higher density usage
SC Adapter Modules