OSB52053 MFG #: 0005205300
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  • Brand Name: Osborn
  • Trim Length: 7-1/4 in
  • Bristle Material: Palmyra
  • Bristle Color: Red
Brush blocks are kiln-dried, top quality hardwood, coated with a clear moisture-resistance sealer for long life and resistance to oil and chemicals. Fill materials are carefully selected grades of horsehair, natural fibers, synthetics and wire, as well as a wide range of mixtures. Osborn brushes are heavily filled with carefully selected high-grade natural and synthetic fill material, which means our brushes perform better in cleaning, scrubbing and sweeping.
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Master Classic


  • These popular brooms have returned to the Osborn product line at your request
  • Master sweep classic floor brush is a premium floor brush for industrial use
  • The top quality, coated hardwood blocks are densely packed with the fill material of your choice for long brush life
  • These brushes use standard threaded handles that also work with many other Osborn brush products
  • Master sweep classic is a high quality, durable floor brush
  • Palmyra - ideal for rough wet or dry sweeping in heavy duty applications
  • Can be washed out


  • Cleaning and Sweeping Heavy Debris
Osborn Manufacturing
16-7/16 in L