MMM076308-00128 MFG #: 076308-00128
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  • Brand Name: Bondo™
  • Offerings: Products
  • Suitable For Use With: Aerosol Spray Cans
Our Bondo™ easy Finish® aerosol trigger turns an aerosol spray can into a paint gun. Simply slip the trigger over the button of a conventional aerosol paint can for added convenience and control and for easier and more professional paint and coating application. Durable plastic handle is shaped to fit your hand for comfort. A safety lock prevents accidental spraying. For greater control and smoother application during auto body painting - without the added expense of a professional spray gun - our Bondo™ easy Finish® aerosol trigger is simple, practical and economical. Designed to slip on quickly and snap cleanly over standard aerosol paint cans, it transforms the messy and inefficient vertical button operation of a can into the clean point-and-shoot flow of an auto body shop spray gun. The durable, easily cleanable plastic handle features a comfortable, natural design for an easy grip and nearly effortless trigger-pull operation. The safety lock is just as simple, allowing you to prevent accidental spray at any point during the process. The Bondo™ easy Finish® aerosol trigger takes the pain out of applying paint from an aerosol spray can. It's another science-driven product from 3M™ , making auto body and collision repair faster, easier and more cost-efficient for professionals and do-it-yourselfers.
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Easy Finish®


  • Promotes smoother, more professional paint application without the expense of professional equipment
  • Lends superior spray gun control to messy, inefficient aerosol can operation
  • Slips and snaps easily onto standard aerosol cans
  • Handle designed to fit hand for comfort and ease of use
  • Safety lock prevents accidental spraying


  • For auto body repair products