MMM05400749563 MFG #: 7000006014
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  • Brand Name: 3M
  • Type: Cables And Wires Accessories
3M™ Cable Preparation Kit helps to clean the cable parts, prior to using the cable for any connections. This kit includes 3 CC saturated cable cleaning pads and a non conductive grit abrasive cloth. These cleaning pads ensure accelerated surface drying and they come in an aluminum lift top container.
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3M Electrical


  • 60 mil gap dielectric strength
  • 380 to 180 deg f boiling point
  • 144 deg f (closed cup)/165 deg f (open cup) flash point
  • > 1 vapor density
  • 0.2 mm hg vapor pressure at 25 deg c


  • Cleans Cable Insulation, Metal, Electrical and Mechanical Parts