MMM05400709091 MFG #: 5553
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  • Brand Name: 3M
  • Offerings: Products
  • Voltage Rating: 8 kV
3M Cold Shrink Shielded Splice Kit 5550 Series are for splicing 5 kV and 8 kV shielded, solid dielectric, power cables. Meets requirements of IEEE 404. Each kit contains all the materials (except connectors and optional ground strap) required to construct three (3) single conductor splices on Tape Shield, Wire Shield or UniShield® cables. The kit can also be used to splice a shielded to a non-shielded 5/8 kV cable.
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1000 mcm|500 mcm|750 mcm
584 mm|23 in
3M Electrical


  • 1 kit/case
  • IEEE Approved
  • Includes 3 Scotch 13 electrode wraps, 3 rolls of Scotch 13 semi-conducting tape, 6 rolls Scotch 2228 rubber mastic tape, 1 roll of Scotch 24 shielding tape and 3 instruction sheets
  • Rated for 5/8 kV applications
  • Insulator and jacket is made of EPDM for easy installation
  • Accommodates wire size of 500 to 1000 kcmil (Cu/Al)
  • This kit is suitable for use on solid dielectric cables, indoor or outdoor locations and direct-burial applications
  • Provides splicing on tape shield, wire shield and UniShield cables
  • 3M 5550 Series Cold Shrink Tape Inline Splice Kit is designed for splicing 5/8 kV-rated power cables with aluminum or copper conductor. This kit is designed to splice tape shield, wire shield, UniShield or non-shielded cables.
  • 3M 5550 Series Cold Shrink Tape Inline Splice Kit includes 3 each of cold shrink insulators, splice jackets and shielding braid sleeves, cleaning pad kits and more. The insulator and jacket included in this kit are made of specially formulated EPDM that provides quick installation. It has a shielding braid sleeve that offers 2 functions, metallic insulation shield and ground jumper. This kit is perfect for use with Scotchlok 10000, 11000 and 20000 Series inline compression connectors or any UL Listed inline compression connector. IEEE Approved.
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  • Manufacturing Origin: USA
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