MMM051593-20240 MFG #: 051593-20240
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  • Brand Name: Marson®
  • Container Size: 1 gal
  • Form: Liquid
  • Color: Clear
Smoothie® is specially formulated to work with the latest paint systems in collision repair for eliminating fisheyes in the painting process. This full strength paint additive benefits from decades of development to improve the performance of the paint and the entire system, from improved outflow to better leveling and more effective coverage of mars. Benefiting from decades of development, Smoothie® is formulated to work with the latest 2-part acrylic and polyurethane paint systems. Its formula also works to reduce the surface tension and eliminating fisheyes of wet paint film, which improves paint flow out. Smoothie® also helps increase the gloss of finished paint surfaces. First introduced in 1961, Smoothie® is known worldwide as a full strength automotive paint additive that eliminates fisheyes and increases gloss with 1-part enamels, lacquers and synthetic paints. Smoothie® with the same world class performance for the most advanced 2-part acrylic and polyurethanes paint systems in collision repair.
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Medium Aliphatic Solvent Naphtha, Poly(Dimethyl Siloxane
Mild Solvent


  • Marson® Smoothie® has become synonymous with fisheye eliminators worldwide
  • Introduced 45 years ago, this full strength automotive paint additive prevents fisheyes and increases gloss
  • Improves outflow for smoother application
  • Reduces surface tension of wet paint film to improve paint leveling
  • Minimizes telegraphing of mars for a flawless finish
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