MMM051144-01915 MFG #: 051144-01915
$91.86 / PK
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  • Brand Name: Green Corps™
  • Diameter: 5 IN
  • Arbor/Shank Size: 7/8 IN
  • Grit/Grade: 24/Extra Coarse
  • Abrasive Material: Ceramic
Our 3M™ Green Corps™ fiber disc is designed for grinding door skins, MIG welds and other applications on metal, plastic or fiberglass. Offering an exceptionally fast cut and extreme durability and featuring our 3M™ ceramic abrasive grain, these discs are available in a wide selection of sizes, grits and grades to maximize work efficiency - the right tool to complete the job. Our 3M™ Green Corps™ fiber disc are designed to hold up to a heavy workload.
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Clear Coat, Fiberglass, Filler, Metal, Paint and Plastic


  • 3M™ ceramic abrasive grain cuts fast, helping to increase productivity and throughout
  • Performance fiber grinding disc suited to grinding paint, rust, weld removal land metal work
  • Easy attachment to the appropriate tool with hub and retainer nut providing a simple and quick replacement of worn discs
  • Resin bond withstands heat and stabilizes the disc under pressure and heat to increase productivity
  • Available in wide selection of sizes, grits and grades to maximize each task


  • Coating Removal, Gasket Removal, Grinding, Metal Shaping, Oxide Removal, Paint Removal, Rust Removal and Spot Weld Cutting