MMM051141-28364 MFG #: 051141-28364
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  • Brand Name: 3M™
  • Suitable For Use With: 3M™ 28364 Clean Sanding Filter Bag Backpack Assemblies
  • Specifications: Extra Large
Using our 3M™ clean sanding filter bag helps achieve maximum utility from your 3M™ clean sanding discs because we designed 3M™ clean sanding products work together as a system to deliver superior results. Take portable, lightweight dust management to the next level by using a clean sanding filter bag together with a powerful 3M™ self generated vacuum tool (disc and tools sold separately). Take dust management to the next level with self generated vacuum tools. HEPA rating improves working conditions, designed for maximum dust capture capability, the 3M™ clean sanding filter bag is an essential component in the 3M™ clean sanding System. It not only efficiently collects dust but filters the air for unhealthy particulates-the bag is HEPA rated so you can enjoy a cleaner and healthier work environment. While other bags and vacuum systems can be used with our discs, 3M™ clean sanding products are designed to work together to optimize the performance of the disc and vacuum system. 3M™ clean sanding filter bags come in two sizes: the Large bag has a 0.5 lb capacity and the extra large bag can hold up to 3 lb. Super-efficient dust collection and bag capacity save operators time because the bags can be changed out less frequently. For use on a ladder, off-site or in other situations where portability is essential, pair the clean sanding filter bag with a 3M™ clean sanding filter bag Backpack (sold separately), which protects the Filter Bag and enhances mobility. The clean sanding advantage 3M™ clean sanding discs extract up to 96% of the dust generated during the finishing process, compared to 55% for most traditional 5-6 hole discs. Less dust leads to a better finish and cleaner working environment. Combine that with higher productivity and the longer life of non-loading discs and it's easy to see why our clean sanding system is the ultimate choice for dust free sanding
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  • Thorough dust collection enhances the performance of 3M clean sanding Discs (sold separately)
  • Achieves superior dust collection when used with 3M random orbital sanders with Self-Generated vacuum
  • Designed 3M™ clean sanding products work together as a system to deliver superior results