MMM051141-20453 MFG #: 051141-20453
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  • Brand Name: 3M™
  • Suitable For Use With: 3M™ 20331, 20430, 20431 Orbital Sanders and 20208, 20213, 20250, 20251, 20252, 20253, 20254 Random Orbital Sanders
  • Specifications: 1 in External Hose Thread, 1 in ID
3M™ vacuum hose adapters come in a variety of sizes to fit different sanding tools and vacuum hoses. The various adapters attach a vacuum hose to a 3M™ orbital or random orbital sander, enable different sized hoses to fit securely together or connect with a 3M™ clean sanding filter bag. This tight fitting system enables maximum evacuation of dust, debris and particulate generated when sanding. Adapter pn 30441, connects self-generated-vacuum (SGV) tools to a clean sanding filter bag. We offer 3M™ vacuum hose adapters to support optimal dust extraction by your vacuum system. Designed by 3M™ for 3M™ power tools, they are manufactured from industrial quality material and seal securely so your vacuum system can do its job. The adapters connect various sizes of vacuum hoses together and finally to a central vacuum ready (CV) tool. One adapter, PN 30441, connects self-generated-vacuum (SGV) tools to a clean sanding filter bag. Some of these adapters are "hose barb" type, meaning they push on the inside of the hose. Others have internal threads and attach on the outside of the hose. These threaded adapters feature LH or left hand threads, due to the convolution direction on the vacuum hose. This means the operator must turn the threaded hose adapter counterclockwise onto the hose to thread the two together. An effective vacuum system is essential for collecting dust, abraded fibers, debris and other particulate. Dust on the workpiece can mar the surface, hinder the abrasive and fill the air you breathe. By evacuating dust effectively, you get better finishes and longer abrasive life. High quality accessories can make a big difference and are a great example of how 3M™ abrasive products enhance industrial operations, offering both ease of use and superior results.
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  • Provides a secure connection for optimal dust removal
  • Allows more efficient operation by keeping abrasive surfaces clean
  • Helps keeps air clean and breathable
  • Constructed of 3M™ industrial quality materia


  • For attach vacuum hose to the 3M™ random orbital sanders or to connect another hose