MMM05113508051 MFG #: 08051
$21.83 / EA
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  • Brand Name: 3M™
  • Container Type: Tube
  • Container Size: 5 OZ
  • Form: Liquid
  • Color: Amber
  • Specific Gravity: 0.8
Our 3M™ feathering disc adhesive is formulated to hold A-weight sandpaper discs firmly to disc backup pads during feather edging yet allow for easy removal without delamination. The natural rubber adhesive applies smoothly and resists buildup. Auto body technicians simply pull the disc gently from the pad and reapply for quick, multiple changeouts with no paper residue, saving time and cost. Our 3M™ feathering disc adhesive provides an extra competitive edge for auto body repair professionals. Its formulation is ideal for creating a solid bond that still allows for the easy removal of the lighterweight abrasive discs used for featheredging and blending. In fact technicians can easily remove A-weight paper backed discs from disc pads without delamination, prolonging disc life and saving cleanup time. Users can perform multiple disc changeouts on a single adhesive application. This natural rubber adhesive combines strength, flexibility and long bond time, which is ideal for lighterweight papers that must still remain positioned at high rpm. The feathering disc adheres firmly to the disc backup pad during use, yet it can be easily repositioned and removes smoothly and cleanly without delaminating or leaving paper residue. The single component gel adhesive applies smoothly to the backup pad without mixing. It also resists buildup preventing irregularities from transferring to the sanding surface through lighterweight feathering discs and ensuring consistent performance.
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Natural Rubber
Hexane, Other Hexane Isomers, 3-MethylPentane, Methylcyclopentane, Polyisoprene, Beta-Pinene, Alpha-Pinene, Dipentene, BetaPhellandrene Polymer, 2-Methylpentane, Glycerol Ester of Hydrogenated Rosin, White Mineral Oil (Petroleum), Heptanes, Cyclopent
-7 deg F


  • A single component repositionable adhesive gel
  • Specially formulated to allow multiple disc applications without adhesive buildup or paper delamination
  • Discs remove easily and cleanly
  • Natural rubber base provides ideal tack for A-weight paper
  • Formulation provides strong yet flexible bond for quick-changeouts
  • Easy, clean removal and reapplication of paper without delamination, saving time and money
Type 2
1000 to 3000 cPs
560 g/L