MMM051135-08992 MFG #: 051135-08992
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  • Brand Name: 3M™
  • Color: Blue
Our 3M™ cartridge applicator gun 08992 is designed to smoothly dispense a range of 3M™seam sealers and adhesives from 1/10 gal cartridges. This lightweight applicator gun allows operators to easily dispense a range of single component products wherever minor repairs are needed. The 3M™ cartridge applicator gun 08992 is part of our 3M™single component cartridge application system. Much easier to use than bottles or foil packs, the cartridge system creates shop efficiency during application of sealers and other materials, allowing technicians to use a handheld applicator gun with ease and confidence. To help lessen hand fatigue, the trigger is designed to provide leverage for dispensing substances with a minimum of effort. The stamped holder and ratchet driven rod are constructed of high quality steel to provide reliability and smooth operation, increasing operator comfort and reducing rework. A handheld applicator is easy to use for offsite operations where air power isn't readily available. Changeouts are simple to accommodate use with a variety of sealants and adhesives. Moreover, the applicator enables convenient access and controlled application in interior angles. At 3M™, we believe that the best way to get the job done right is to let all of your tools and materials work together. Our cartridge applicator gun is designed to precisely fit our seam sealer cartridges and to help provide the best tool of all: a system that works. It is a great example of how 3M™applies science to make operations easier for technicians in collision repair.
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  • Designed specifically to dispense 3M™ single component 1/10 gal cartridges of adhesives and sealants
  • Stamped steel cartridge applicator gun with a ratchet driven rod offers high quality performance and ease of use
  • Trigger provides greater leverage to help reduce hand fatigue
  • Manual applicator offers portability over a pneumatic applicator
  • Part of 3M™ cartridge application system for greater shop efficiency and reduced rework