MMM051135-08881 MFG #: 051135-08881
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  • Brand Name: 3M™
  • Container Size: 16 OZ
  • Form: Liquid
  • Color: Black
Our 3M™ undercoating protects vulnerable automotive metal parts from corrosion and abrasion. Specifically designed for automotive undercarriages, wheel wells and body panels, quarter panels, under hoods, trunks, undersides of floor pans - It's equally effective in many other automotive applications. Multi-purpose aerosol undercoating is available in a rubberized formula that can be painted. Available in two forms, our 3M™ undercoating is a cost effective solution to protect vehicles from road damage and corrosion. Both feature an aerosol formula that offers excellent sprayability and good coverage to bare or primed metal. 3M™ undercoating, 08881, is a black, multi-purpose, aerosol undercoating with a matte finish and a medium to coarse texture. 3M™ Underseal™ undercoating, 08882, is a rubberized formula. Also with a black, medium texture finish, this coating can be painted. Any automotive procedure that disturbs the seal of an undercoating, such as panel replacement or collision damage repair operations, may leave the metal unprotected and result in corrosion. Proper recoating of these surfaces with service type anti-corrosion material is essential. Our 3M™ undercoating is an excellent choice for protecting areas most vulnerable to corrosion and impact from the road, where paint alone isn't enough. 3M™ has long been developing new ways to apply science to the lives of professionals in a range of industries including collision repair. Our 3M™ undercoating is a great example - decades of knowledge in a product that delivers better results in time and quality even for the most specific jobs and helps you get the most value and customer satisfaction from your entire operation.
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430 g/L
-30 to 180 deg F


  • An aerosol undercoating with smooth texture in two forms, paintable and non-paintable
  • Multi-purpose undercoating may be applied to cars, trucks and recreational vehicles
  • Hides welding marks and other repairs
  • Sound dampening properties help reduce road noise


  • Undercoating Applications
Aerosol Can
Asphalt, Calcium Carbonate, Toluene, Propane, Medium Aliphatic Solvent Naphtha, Butane, Aluminatesilicate, Quartz Silica, Methyl Alcohol