MMM051131-02230 MFG #: 051131-02230
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  • Brand Name: Green Corps™
  • Width: 2 IN
  • Length: 16 IN
  • Grit/Grade: P80/Medium
  • Abrasive Material: Aluminum Oxide
  • Backing Material: D-Weight Paper
Our 3M™ Stikit™ Green Corps™ file sheet 246U is built for tough sanding jobs in collision repair. Coarse grade ceramic and aluminum oxide blend is resin bonded to durable D-weight paper backing for heat resistance, with open coat construction that reduces loading. File sheets are ideal for shaping plastic filler and putty, paint removal and scratch refinement on bare metal. Ceramic and aluminum oxide minerals are popular among industry professionals because of their durability and dependability. These minerals make a tough, durable abrasive that provides fast cut rate, hardness, strength and low heat retention. 3M™ Stikit™ Green Corps™ file sheet 246U features a heat resistant resin bond which makes it suitable for a wide range of body repair applications. Open coat construction means the abrasive grains are placed with space between them to help evacuate sanding dust and other debris to avoid clogging the cutting edge of the grains. The load resistant coating on the abrasive grains also allows the sheet to continue cutting even when sanding paints and other materials that would otherwise clog the sheet and hinder sanding ability. All of this adds up to increased productivity and reduced material consumption. 3M™ Stikit™ Green Corps™ file sheet 246U come ready-to-use with Stikit™ attachment that features a pressure sensitive adhesive coating on the backing - simply press the sheet onto a sanding block and you're ready to go. They remove just as cleanly, leaving an uncontaminated surface for the next sheet. From its abrasive to its fast, easy Stikit™ attachment, our 3M™ Stikit™ Green Corps™ file sheet 246U is another example of how 3M™ applies science to life - making collision repair operations better and more efficient.
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  • Ceramic aluminum oxide blend cuts fast and withstands heat
  • Built on D-weight paper backing for added durability
  • Stikit™ adhesive attachment makes abrasive sheet changes fast and easy
  • Open coat construction provides a more aggressive cut and minimizes dust clogging


  • Featheredging
  • Filler Shaping
  • Paint Removal and Rough Feather Edge
Clear Coat, Fiberglass, Filler, Metal, Paint, Plastic and Putty