MMM051115-90240 MFG #: 051115-90240
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  • Brand Name: 3M™
  • Suitable For Use With: Series 23 Turbine Units
Our 3M™ filter kits make replacing turbine filters simple and cost-effective. With each kit you get filters specifically for your 3M™ turbine model - fast, easy replacement with minimal downtime. Kits include the right types and quantities of air filters, pre-filters and media filters built to replace those supplied with the original 3M™ turbine to keep it running smoothly. 3M™ turbine air and media filters fresh and functional is a vital part of keeping your HVLP spray system running efficiently and our 3M™ filter kits help you do that with a minimum of time and hassle. Convenient kits save you the need to research individual filters for your turbines - instead, you can simply order replacement filter packs based on your 3M™ turbine models. Kits arrive with the specific filters your turbine requires, including air compressor filters for 3M™ turbine models with built-in compressors. Turbine pre-filters, media filters and air filters install quickly and easily for a minimum of downtime. They are designed as exact replacements for the filters that arrived with your turbine when it was new, helping to ensure consistent, reliable performance that protects the turbine from inefficient operation or short- and long-term damage. 3M™ filter kits are part of a broad range of spray equipment including 3M™ spray guns, featuring aluminum or composite bodies to deliver a broad range of atomized fluids with limited internal buildup. Just by switching the tip, nozzle or air cap, you can fine tune the gun to create mirror smooth finishes or a broad range of "orange peel" and similar textures. These versatile guns also let you adjust spray patterns and fluid volume with a quick turn of the wrist, providing fan sizes as wide as 12 in or as narrow as dime with very low overspray. 3M™ HVLP spray guns are available in bleed and non-bleed configurations, ideal for use with regulated compressed air or 3M™ turbine supplied air. Complete your 3M™ setup with a complete selection of attached and remote cup assemblies, hose assemblies, regulators and more.
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  • Kits contain filters for specific 3M™ turbine models - the right filters every time for consistent turbine operation
  • Filters are designed as exact replacements for existing filters, minimizing downtime
  • Keep your 3M™ turbines running cleanly and efficiently