MMM051115-54907 MFG #: 7100006734
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  • Brand Name: 3M™
  • Container Size: 12 fl-oz
  • Container Type: Aerosol Can
  • Color: Orange
3M™ fire block foam FB-Foam is a ready-to-use foam Fireblock designed to help prevent the spread of flames and smoke in residential type V and commercial non-rated construction. This product is intended to resist the-free passage of flame and the by-products of combustion within the concealed space of a floor, ceiling or wall cavity by restricting the movement of air, fire and smoke. Also acts as a draftstop to restrict air infiltration and movement.
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  • Draftstop - helps reduce air infiltration
  • Heat resistant up to 240 deg F
  • Thermal insulator - R-Value of 4 to 5 per inch typical
  • Tack-free in approximately 5 min
  • Expands up to 200% in volume to quickly and effectively seal openings
  • Sag resistant formulation
  • Excellent adhesion - bonds to concrete, brick, metals, wood, plastic and cable jacketing
  • Minimal shrinkage and sag-resistance help ensure longevity
  • Very good adhesion
  • 1 lb/cu-ft core density
  • 165 g/l VOC
  • 15 months shelf life


  • Non-Rated Residential and Commercial Construction