MMM04801122971 MFG #: 22971
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  • Brand Name: 3M™
  • Thread Size: 5/8-11 EXT x M10x1.25 INT
Our 3M™ disc holder adapter is used to attach abrasive disc holders with 5/8-11 center holes onto power tools equipped with smaller spindles. The interior threads screw onto the shaft of a sander or other power tool, effectively increasing the size of the tool shaft to accommodate a product with 5/8-11 disc holders. The 3M™ disc holder adapter is a simple way to equip your power tools and sanders to use larger 5/8-11 threaded disc holders or quick-change (integral 5/8-11 hub) abrasive products. The adapter conveniently screws onto the tool spindle and converts the smaller external threaded shaft to a 5/8-11 external threaded shaft. This allows you to use an even larger array of discs without needing to buy a completely new tool.
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  • Adapter adds versatility to a power tool by increasing its spindle size to accommodate products with 5/8-11 threads
  • Threaded adapter conveniently screws onto a tool to convert a smaller external threaded shaft to a 5/8-11 external threaded shaft
  • Compatible with 5/8-11 disc holders or other accessories with 5/8-11 threaded center holes
  • Internal thread size of the adapter must match the external thread size of the tool spindle
  • Accessory provides versatility and conveniently screws onto the spindle of a power tool


  • Marine and Metalworking