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  • 3M Hookit attachment system makes it easy to change abrasives
  • Blocks are designed to limit hand fatigue
  • Boosts the efficiency of sanding by hand
  • Makes achieving a true flat surface easier
  • Sanding blocks deliver more consistent sanding results
  • Our 3M Hookit Hand Blocks serve dual purposes of making the job of sanding go easier and the results better. These auto shop accessories are the product of seeking innovative ways to boost efficiency and effectiveness on the job.
  • These sanding blocks use the 3M Hookit attachment system for easy replacement of sandpaper sheets. Simply press on the abrasive sheet to get a secure grip, and then peel it away for easy removal. Hookit is the perfect time-saving answer when you're switching between abrasive grits frequently. Best of all, you can remove and reattach an abrasive that still has a useful service life. Let's say you need to switch to a different grit but the abrasives on the sheet you're currently using are not fully spent. Simply remove it and reattach later. Hookit ensures that you will get the same secure hold, which is an important advantage compared to pressure sensitive attachment products where the adhesive may be compromised after being removed.
  • Our blocks make hand sanding a more efficient task, which helps boost overall productivity when power sanding is not an option. Automotive restoration technicians like power sanding due to it speed and ease, but some applications do not allow for power sanding. In those cases, you can still gain efficiency by using our sanding blocks. Use these blocks for areas out of reach of power sanding tools. Hand sanding is also preferred for situations in which you need more precise control. With the speed of power sanders, one lingering pause can result in irreversible damage in certain situations. Hand sanding allows you to work at a pace that suitable for more delicate work. Hand sanding also produces less dust if that is a concern.
  • 3M Hookit Hand Block is the perfect companion when using 3M Hookit abrasives. Our sanding block fits comfortably in the hand to reduce instances of hand fatigue. The block allows for a more even and consistent application of pressure, which delivers more uniform results. A sanding block also lets you apply more pressure than you could simply with your hand, a benefit that will speed how quickly you can complete your project.
  • Our proprietary multi-hole pattern works with a vacuum to help eliminate dust from the disc, workpiece, and air. We developed the Hookit system to makes disc changes quick and easy, enabling repeated use for the life of the disc, reducing material consumption and increasing parts per disc. In addition, our 3M Clean Sanding Disc Pad is designed so hole alignment is not required, making our system even simpler to use than a standard "dust free” systems.
  • Constructed from firm density foam with a 35-degree blunt tapered edge for added durability, our 3M Hookit Clean Sanding Low Profile Disc Pads are ideal for aggressive flat sanding operations.
  • 3M Hookit Hand Block helps level repair areas with greater ease. Use this accessory item with our Hookit abrasive products to achieve more consistent, uniform sanding results. Our hand block when used in combination with Hookit abrasives is ideal for achieving a true flat surface.
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