MMM048011-61992 MFG #: 048011-61992
$17.02 / EA
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  • Brand Name: Scotch-Weld™
  • Suitable For Use With: 3M™ Cylinder Adhesive Applicators
Our 3M™ cylinder adhesive applicators are the standard output device for use with most of our cylinder spray adhesive products and is recommended where normal output rates are desired. We combine durable, all metal construction, a balanced design and comfortable grip to provide effective control during operation. The applicator can be adjusted to various spray patterns as needed.3M™ cylinder adhesive applicators can be adjusted to various spray patterns to provide uniform coverage and consistent drying times. A convenient hook molded into the top of each applicator provides easy storage and allows it to be hung briefly during use, as needed. Our standard applicators come with our 3M™ cylinder adhesive 9501 spray tip, which offers precise control over large areas to maximize adhesive application. Additionally, we have the 3M™ cylinder adhesive applicator-high output (for use with 3M™ holdfast 70 cylinder spray adhesive) as well as the 3M™ cylinder adhesive applicator h-reduced output (for use with 3M™ hi-strength post forming cylinder spray adhesive 94CA and 3M™ hi-strength 94 ET cylinder spray adhesive).
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  • Spray gun dispenses adhesive in a controlled pattern
  • Trigger guard prevents accidental discharge of adhesive and adjusts output
  • Easy attachment and removal with an adjustable wrench


  • Transportation
  • Specialty Vehicle
  • Construction
  • General Industrial
  • Electronics
  • Consumer Goods
  • Military and Government