MMM048011-05974 MFG #: 048011-05974
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  • Brand Name: Scotch-Brite™
  • Diameter: 3 IN
  • Width: 1-3/4 IN
  • Arbor/Shank Size: 1/4 IN
  • Grade: Medium
  • Abrasive Material: Aluminum Oxide
Scotch-Brite™ cut and polish flap brushes are a versatile, high performance alternative to conventional bristle brushes and messy, technique dependent buffing compounds. These long lasting, precision made brushes give you improved consistency and greater control over a number of critical metal prep and finishing tasks, including cleaning, deburring, polishing and aesthetic finishing. We designed our Scotch-Brite™ cut and polish flap brushes using proprietary 3M™ non-woven materials technology. The open web construction can help limit downtime and increase productivity by reducing loading and maintaining effective cutting action longer - resulting in less frequent replacement than conventional brushes. Non-woven technology makes our Scotch-Brite™ industrial abrasives unique. A combination of fiber strands, resin and abrasive mineral forms a thick, open web. The spring like nature of the fibers responds to contours and effectively removes unwanted burrs, soils and contaminants while maintaining the geometry of the workpiece which in turn reduces rework and boosts productivity. Gaps in the web allow swarf to escape, so debris does not clog the mineral. Fibers in the web continually break down with use to reveal fresh mineral for exceptional consistency, superior cut performance and extremely long service life. Scotch-Brite™ products not only enhance productivity, but also increase operator safety by reducing the need for cleaning chemicals and pastes and replacing wire brushes that can break off and cause injury. From aesthetic finishing to weld blending, deburring and more, Scotch-Brite™ abrasives work fast and deliver consistent results, part after part.
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All Metal


  • Flaps of strong, durable cut and polish web on a 1/4 in shank for portable tools
  • Excellent for inside diameters, to create a uniform surface finish or blend surface imperfection
  • Open web is load resistant, helping to limit buildup of debris so mineral cuts faster, longer
  • Conformable nylon fibers respond to surface irregularities without gouging the surface, helping maintain original part geometry


  • Blending
  • Contour Finishing
  • Polishing
  • Radiusing and Refining
8500 rpm