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3M™ industrial cleaners and adhesive removers are ideal for helping dissolve and remove dirt, grease, tar and many non-curing type adhesives. They clean without streaking and have proven to be excellent for surface preparation in adhesive applications. While these multipurpose cleaners are suitable for industrial use, they are also safe enough for everyday projects. Our 3M™ citrus base cleaners help soften and loosen grease, oil and grime.
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  • Citrus base cleaner is our remarkable liquid cleaner/degreaser used to help dissolve and remove dirt, grease tar and many non-curing type adhesives
  • Cleans without streaking and has a fresh citrus scent
  • Contains no chlorinated or petroleum based solvents
  • Cleans gently and leaves a pleasant citrus scent
  • Fresh citrus scent helps maintain a satisfactory work environment
  • Can help prepare surfaces for adhesive bonding
  • Provides mold release agents
  • Removes adhesive without damaging the surface underneath
  • Optional California compliant formulas
  • Contains no chlorinated substance


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