MMM02120073160 MFG #: 70006307824
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  • Brand Name: Tartan™
  • Length: 132 m Roll
  • Width: 96 mm
  • Thickness: 1.5 mil
  • Color: Clear
3M™ Tartan™ label protection tape 3765 is a utility grade tape featuring a transparent, strong, polypropylene film backing paired with an acrylic adhesive. It is capable of adhering well to many treated and finished surfaces in order to attach and protect identifying labels in a range of demanding applications. We constructed 3M™ Tartan™ label protection tape 3765 as a utility grade solution capable of protecting of labels from smudging, moisture and tearing in shipping, storage and manufacturing applications. It is a transparent, UV resistant, polypropylene, utility grade tape combined with an acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive. It adheres instantly and conforms well to a wide range of treated and finishes surfaces. As a transparent tape, 3M™ Tartan™ label protection tape 3765 keeps labels easy to read and allows sharp bar code read-through. 3M™ Tartan™ label protection tape 3765 has proven to be an excellent solution for outdoor applications where packaging is subjected to demanding conditions. The tape is moisture resistant and performs well in temperatures between 40 deg F (4 deg C) and 220 deg F (104 deg C). Furthermore, it complies with environmental consideration ASTM D1974-92. 3M™ Tartan™ label protection tape 3765 is also split and tear resistant, adding to its overall durability in even the most trying of applications. Scotch® label protection tapes offer reliability and strength, sticking to the job until the package is delivered. We designed these tapes with the resilience to withstand the harsh environments and rough handling that packages encounter throughout the delivery process. Take advantage of the confidence that comes from a label protection tape engineered to help deliver your products safely and securely.
  • Core
  • Adhesive Material
  • Tensile Strength
  • Backing Material
  • Adhesion Strength
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  • Overview
3 in
20 in-lb Longitudinal/30 in-lb Transverse
22 in-oz
Utility Grade


  • Utility grade label protection tape with a clear, strong, moisture resistant film backing and a clear adhesive that holds well to many treated and finished surfaces
  • Edge tear and split resistance
  • Conformable backing
  • Good adhesion at 40 deg F (4 deg C)
  • Acrylic adhesive stays clear and is UV resistant
  • Clear protection of labels from smudging, splashing and tearing
  • Holds well up to 220 deg F (104 deg C) and in cold temperatures
  • Clear surface allows sharp bar code read
  • A great choice for outdoor protection applications
  • Adheres well to various surfaces
  • Good transparency permits visibility of labeling
  • Maintains adherence in both cold and hot temperatures


  • Used for the attachment and protection of labels in shipping
  • storage
  • general industries and manufacturing applications