MMM02120055727 MFG #: 7000049621
$418.30 / Case
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  • Brand Name: 3M
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With over 60,000 products, 3M™ delivers science-based performance and extraordinary outcomes across almost any industry you can imagine. From harnesses to abrasives, 3M has what you need to get the job done.
  • Overview


  • Thin floor mat profile minimizes tripping hazard, bottom layer of the pad firmly attaches to most smooth, clean surfaces, such as tile or sealed concrete
  • Sticky mat captures dirt on contact before tracking it from 1 area to another, it prolongs life and appearance of floors and carpet and reduces facility maintenance and clean-up, pad length is sufficient for 2 step contact
  • Multiple adhesive layers allow for easily renewed surface, individually numbered tabs ensure that only one layer is removed at a time
  • Protecting, preventing, prolonging life, controlling contamination, reducing dirt and dust, keeping clean, removing dirt
  • Low profile construction - 1.2 mil sheets mounted to a thin (2 mil) flexible base
  • Transparent sheets on a white bottom sheet