MMM02120019887 MFG #: 7000000800
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3M™ neoprene high performance contact adhesive 1357 is a versatile, solvent based adhesive. It offers high immediate handling strength and good heat-resistance and is commonly used for bonding most metals and plastics. It is also suitable for large surface panel or composite lamination. 3M™ neoprene high performance contact adhesive 1357 has played a significant role in 3M™ portfolio of contact adhesives for 50 plus years.
  • Overview


  • High performance contact adhesive with long bonding range and excellent initial strength
  • Resists heat and continuous load stress
  • Rapid buildup to a very high strength bond for metal
  • Spray brush application method
  • Lace spray pattern
  • Adheres, sheet metals, such as stainless steel, aluminum, cold rolled steel and many plastics to numerous other substrates
  • Excellent moisture and heat resistance and will perform up to up to 300 deg F/148 deg C


  • Bond Polystyrene Foam Panels, Rubber/Vinyl Floor Bonding, Wall Lining and Flooring