MIL49-16-2403 MFG #: 49-16-2403
$79.00 / EA
  • Offerings: Products
  • Brand Name: Milwaukee®
  • Suitable For Use With: M12™ and M18™ Expansion Tools
  • Specifications: 3/8 in
The ProPEX® Expansion Heads are precision engineered for accurate expansion of Upon or® PEX-a tubing for ProPEX® fittings. Featuring the auto-rotation interface for Milwaukee® Cordless ProPEX Expansion Tools, the heads are not only compatible with M12™, M18™ Tools, but also fit most Upon or tools. Made from high strength steel, the chrome plated segments and black oxide ring combine durability and weather resistance. Color coded rings for easy size recognition add convenience.
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3 in L
Chrome Plated
Milwaukee Tool


  • Milwaukee® auto-rotate compatibility
  • Backward compatibility fits most uponor tools
  • Chrome plated for weather and corrosion resistance
  • Color coded rings for easy size recognition


  • Expansion of PEX-a ProPEX(R) tubing for termination to fitting