MEM1925-L MFG #: 1925-L
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  • Brand Name: Memphis
  • Size: L
  • Palm Material: Grain Pigskin Leather
  • Color: Beige
  • Style: Gunn Cut/Standard Finger/Wing Thumb
  • Material: Cotton Thread/Leather/Polyester
  • Cuff Style: Rubberized Safety
Sweatin' like a pig, actually pigs don't sweat, they roll in the mud to cool off. That's why pigskin is the best leather for wet conditions. The larger pores also allow for better breathability.
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  • 2-1/2 IN Rubberized Safety Cuff
  • Fleece Lined Palm
  • Premium Grain Pigskin
  • Shirred Elastic back
  • Wing Thumb


  • Automotive Assembly, Sheet Metal and Glass Handling
Snort-N-Boar 1925
Premium Grade
10.48 in
MCR Safety
Shirred Elastic/Knuckle Strap