MEM1400A MFG #: 1400A
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  • Brand Name: Memphis
  • Size: S
  • Palm Material: Cowhide Leather
  • Color: Gray
  • Style: Gunn Cut/Standard Finger/Wing Thumb
  • Material: Cotton Thread/Leather/Polyester
  • Cuff Style: Plasticized Safety
The best grade of select shoulder split leather gives you protection from the tough junk you have to deal with on the job pipes, wood, and metal are no match for these gloves. The gloves feature a select shoulder leather back and 2-1/2 IN plasticized safety cuff. The gloves are a great option for laundering.
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MCR Safety
9.38 in
Shirred Elastic/Knuckle Strap


  • 2-1/2 IN Plasticized Safety Cuff
  • A-Grade Select Shoulder Leather
  • Color Coded Hems for Sizing


  • Forestry
  • Construction