IDE45-128 MFG #: 45-128
$54.33 / Piece
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Swivel-Blade, Round Cable Slitting and Ringing Tool
Features: Cuts Around Cable Jacket As Well As Slits The Length Of Jacket For Easy Removal; Use With Single Or Multiple Conductor Cable Up To 1.750 IN O.D; Blade Adjusts For Jacket Thicknesses Up To 0.125 IN; Spare Blade In Handle Base


  • Cuts around cable jacket as well as slits the length of jacket for easy removal
  • Blade adjusts for jacket thicknesses up to 1/8 in
  • Spare blade in handle base


  • Single or Multiple Conductor Cable
For Single Or Multiple Conductor Cables Up To 3/4 IN O.D; Blade Adjusts For Jacket Thicknessess Up To 1/8 IN; Cable Stripper For 1/4 IN To 3/4 IN O.D; For Smaller Outside Diameter Cable
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