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  • Offerings: Products
  • Brand Name: Howard Leight by Honeywell
  • Type: Corded
  • Noise Reduction Rating: 28 dB
  • Shape: Pod
  • Plug Color: Orange
  • Size: Universal
  • Cord Color: Yellow
Research shows that half of all industrial workers experience progressive, long-term hearing loss - in part because many workers struggle to fit their earplugs for proper hearing protection. The Honeywell Howard Leight TrustFit Pod earplugs are designed with an ergonomic stem and dimpled foam tip so they are easy-to fully insert and remove without picking up dirt from workers' fingers and comfortable to wear during the work day. TrustFit Pod push-in foam earplugs provide effective NRR 28dB, Canada class A(L) hearing protection.
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Honeywell Safety


  • Construction
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  • Steel and Metals
Polyurethane Foam
TrustFit™ Pod