CBL12/2ALMCWG MFG #: 68580001
$595.00 / Foot
  • Conductor Material: Copper
  • Conductor Size: 12 AWG
  • Offerings: Products
  • Length: 250 FT
  • Voltage Rating: 600 VAC
  • Overview
  • Type
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Outside Diameter
  • Number Of Conductors
  • Weight


  • Branch, feeder and service power distribution in commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-residential buildings
  • Power, lighting, control and signal circuit
  • Fished or embedded in plaster
  • Concealed or exposed installations
  • Installation in cable tray and approved raceways
  • Under raised floors for information technology equipment conductors and cables per NEC 645.5(D) and 645.5(D)(2)
  • Cabled together and a binder tape bearing the print legend is wrapped around the assembly
  • Aluminum interlocking armor is applied over the assembly
  • Reduces installation costs up to 50% over pipe and wire
  • Lightweight aluminum armor as much as 45% lighter than steel mc cable
  • Cable reverse wound on reel for ease of pulling and installation
  • Anti-short bushings are not required for use with mc cable per the NEC and UL


  • Branch, Feeder and Service Power Distribution In Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Multi-Residential Buildings, Power, Lighting, Control and Signal Circuits
Southwire Company, LLC