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  • Armature Voltage: 460 V
  • Brake Option: No Brake
  • Brand Name: Allen-Bradley
  • Enclosure: Keyed Shaft Extension
  • Frame: 45 = 130 MM
  • Magnet Stack Length: 40 = 101.6 MM
  • Speed: 3000 rpm
  • Offerings: Products
Meet the unique needs of wash-down environments. Allen-Bradley® Bulletin MPS MP-Series™ stainless steel servo motors are designed to perform in high-pressure, highly caustic wash-down environments. Catalog item MPS-B4540F-MJ52DA from Rockwell Automation® is an MP-Series 480 V AC rotary servo motor.
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Rockwell Automation
Circular DIN Connector on 3 M Cable
Multi-turn High-resolution Encoder (absolute feedback)


  • 230V and 460V supply and integral 24V brake option
  • High-resolution feedback for smooth operation, with an absolute feedback option
  • Meets requirements for IP66, IP67 and IP69K for 1200 psi washdown
  • Hardened shaft wear sleeve for long-lasting shaft seal and shaft
  • Tightly sealed for maximum protection and corrosion resistance
  • Integrate with our Kinetix 6000, Ultra3000 and Ultra5000 servo drives
  • High-performance motors for hygienic environments
Bulletin MPS - Stainless Steel Servo Motors Product