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  • Armature Voltage: 460 V
  • Brake Option: No Brake
  • Brand Name: Allen-Bradley
  • Enclosure: Keyed Shaft Extension
  • Speed: 3000 rpm
  • Offerings: Products
A smooth migration path from legacy motors. Allen-Bradley® Bulletin MPM MP-Series™ medium inertia servo motors provide flexible connector orientation for ease of cable routing. Catalog item MPM-B1152F-SJ72AA from Rockwell Automation® is an MP-Series 480 V AC rotary servo motor.
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Rockwell Automation
SpeedTEC DIN Connector, Right Angle, 180 deg Rotatable (Quick Connect)
Single-turn High-resolution Encoder
115 mm (4.53 IN)
2 Stacks


  • Rotatable DIN connectors for flexible connector orientation
  • IEC metric mounting dimensions
  • High-resolution absolute encoder and resolver feedback
  • 230V AC and 460V AC windings
  • Compact, power-dense and feature-rich solution for applications with heavier loads and greater inertia
Bulletin MPM - Medium-Inertia Servo Motors Product