$36,872.59 / Each
  • Brand Name: Allen-Bradley
  • Bulletin Number: PowerFlex 753 AC Drive, with Embedded I/O
  • Enclosure Type: Open Type
  • Offerings: Products
  • Output Current: 361 A, 300 hp ND, 250 hp HD
  • Voltage Class: 480 VAC, 3 Phase
Cost-effective and easy to use, Allen-Bradley® PowerFlex® 753 AC drives are perfect for your general-purpose applications requiring safety features. These drives come standard with built-in I/O, reducing engineering costs and increasing machine productivity. Catalog item 20F1AND361AN0NNNNN from Rockwell Automation® is a PowerFlex 753 AC packaged drive. Allen-Bradley and PowerFlex are trademarks of Rockwell Automation, Inc.
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  • Safe Speed Monitor combines the Safe Torque-Off capability and an embedded safety relay with the Rockwell Automation® Safe-Speed Control core technology in one hardware option embedded in the drive. Certified PLe/SIL3 CAT 4
  • Safe Torque-Off option is certified at PLe/SIL3 CAT 3
  • Configuration and programming via integral LCD Human Interface Module (HIM), DriveTools SP software, Connected Components Workbench software, or Studio 5000 Logix Designer® software
  • Slot-based architecture provides three option slots for feedback, safety, communications, additional I/O, or an auxiliary power supply
  • Predictive diagnostics to extend the life of cooling fans and relay outputs
  • V/Hz control, vector control with FORCE™ technology and sensorless vector control
  • Dual-port EtherNet/IP™ Option Module helps you leverage EtherNet/IP networks, minimize the number of managed switches, and reduce cabling needs when using Device Level Ring (DLR) networks
  • Power ratings:
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