CCP146 Studio 5000 Logix Designer Level 1

A-BCCP146 MFG #: CCP146
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  • Brand Name: Allen-Bradley
  • Offerings: Trainings
  • Training Topic: ControlLogix/Studio 5000 Logix Designer
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Learn ControlLogix System Fundamentals

Grasp Logix5000™ concepts with hands-on training. Offered in conjunction with Rockwell Automation®, this two-day, level-one course will teach you to perform basic ControlLogix® and Studio 5000 Logix Designer® tasks with interactive exercises. You’ll gain the practical experience you need. And you’ll be prepared for more advanced Logix5000 training.

What You’ll Learn

The lessons in this course will prepare you to perform key tasks, including creating and configuring a project and communicating with a controller. Your course package will include a student manual, a lab book, and the “Studio 5000 Logix Designer and Logix5000 Procedures Guide,” enhancing and augmenting your training experience. You’ll leave with both knowledge and know-how.

CCP146 Course Agenda

Day 1

  • Understanding Control Systems
  • Locating ControlLogix System Components
  • Locating and Configuring Studio 5000 Logix Designer Application Components
  • Creating and Modifying a Studio 5000 Logix Designer Project
  • Selecting and Connecting to Industrial Networks in a Logix5000 System
  • Downloading and Going Online to a Logix5000 Controller

Day 2

  • Locating I/O Tags and Devices in a ControlLogix System
  • Configuring Local 1756-I/O Modules in a Studio 5000 Logix Designer Project
  • Creating Tags and Monitoring Data in a Studio 5000 Logix Designer Project
  • Drafting Basic Ladder Logic for a Studio 5000 Logix Designer Routine
  • Selecting Basic Ladder Logic Instructions for a Studio 5000 Logix Designer Routine
  • Entering Ladder Logic Components in a Studio 5000 Logix Designer Routine
  • Integrated Practice – Creating and Verifying a Studio 5000 Logix Designer Project

Should You Attend?

Do you have little to no working experience with Logix5000 systems and other programmable controllers? If so, this is the course you’ve been looking for. This level-one training covers key concepts, definitions, and examples, enforcing each lesson with hands-on activities to ensure understanding.

CCP146 Prerequisites

To successfully complete CCP146 Studio 5000 Logix Designer Level 1, you must be able to perform basic computer tasks such as:

  • Use a mouse
  • Browse for files
  • Open, close, size, and move windows
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