CCP122 PLC-5/SLC 500 and RSLogix Fundamentals

A-BCCP122 MFG #: CCP122
$1,819.00 / per person
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Learn Your Way Around PLC-5 and RSLogix

Tackle the basics and build core skills as you gain valuable knowledge. This fundamentals course is designed to introduce programmable controller systems. It’s important to note that CCP122 will not teach you to program, maintain, or troubleshoot a PLC-5 or SLC 500 system. But it will provide the prerequisite understanding you need to take courses that will teach those skills.

What You’ll Learn

CCP122 will give you a solid knowledge foundation to build on. You’ll learn how to perform key tasks, including:

  • Identifying the main components of programmable controller systems
  • Describing component functions
  • Describing the flow of information through a programmable controller system
  • Navigating through the RSLogix™ 5 or RSLogix 500® software
  • Transferring, monitoring, and running projects on a PLC-5® or SLC™ 500 processor
  • Interpreting simple ladder logic programs

CCP122 Course Agenda

  • Understanding Programmable Controller Systems
  • Identifying Common Hardware Components of Processors
  • Identifying Hardware Components of I/O Systems
  • Identifying I/O Configurations
  • Getting Started with Programming Systems
  • Changing the Radix (Base) of a Number
  • Setting Up Communications between a Programming System and a Processor
  • Identifying PLC-5 System Addresses
  • Identifying SLC 500 System Addresses
  • Interpreting Ladder Logic
  • Interpreting Timer On Delay (TON) Instructions
  • Interpreting Count Up (CTU) Instructions

Should You Attend?

If you have little to no working experience with programmable controller systems, this course will give you the fundamental knowledge you need. This course is recommended if you are preparing to take the following courses:

  • CCP410 PLC-5 and RSLogix 5 Programming
  • CCPS41 SLC 500 and RSLogix 500 Programming
  • CCP412 PLC-5 and RSLogix 5 Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • CCPS43 SLC 500 and RSLogix 500 Maintenance and Troubleshooting

CCP122 Prerequisites

There aren’t any prerequisites necessary for CCP122 PLC-5/SLC 500 and RSLogix Fundamentals.

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