$3,134.63 / Each
  • Brand Name: Eaton Crouse-Hinds
  • Lamp Type: LED
  • Offerings: Products
  • Voltage Rating: 277/250 VAC/VDC
Champ® FMV series LED floodlights are designed to provide full-spectrum, crisp, white light. Seven versions of the champ FMV are available, from 3000 to 15000 lumens, providing ideal solutions for a wide range of harsh and hazardous applications.
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Lighting fixture floodlight
Hazardous Locations


  • Providing ideal solutions for a wide range of harsh and hazardous applications
  • Instant illumination and restrike
  • Better visibility with crisp, white light
  • Cold temperature operation/no warm-up required
  • Minimum T3C temperature rating safely operate in the most hazardous environments and any non-hazardous location
  • Serviceable drivers
  • Easy installation yoke design to mount to SFA6
  • Energy efficient technology up to 72% energy savings over HID fixtures
  • 60000 hr of rated life at 55 deg C eliminates need for frequent lamp replacement
  • Contains no mercury or other hazardous substances
  • Shock and vibration resistant solid state luminaires have no filaments or glass components that could break greatly reduces the risk of premature failure
  • 7 x 6 floodlight pattern optics
  • Heat and impact resistant glass (standard) lens
  • Silicone or neoprene gasket material, stainless steel external hardware
  • >0.9 power factor
  • Operating ambient -40 to 65 deg C
  • Locations requiring continuous and consistent light levels in extreme ambient temperatures
  • Where extremely corrosive, wet, dusty, hot and/or cold conditions exist


  • Hazardous Locations